Choosing your wedding photographer can be an arduous task.

With so many photographers out there, so many different styles, and so much technical jargon it is so easy to get confused and overwhelmed.

I have compiled these useful tips to help you choose the perfect photographer for you.

  1. Traditional, Contemporary or Reportage
    Before looking for your wedding photographer, understand what style of wedding photography speaks to you, whether it is traditional, contemporary or reportage. All photographers are different and specialise in different styles. Learn More
  2. Do Your Research
    Choose a photographer based on what you see and like in their portfolio. This will ensure you can be confident they will live up to and go beyond your expectations.
  3. 50 Years and Beyond Investment
    There is no set, or average price for wedding photography as quality varies throughout the spectrum. Be realistic with your budget and what you can afford, but at the same time keep in mind, these photos will be something you look back at in 30, 40, 50 years time.
  4. Face to Face
    Meet your photographer before booking them, preferably face to face, but if not then over video call. Use this opportunity to ask all the questions or queries you are not sure about.
  5. Communication is Key
    Photographers are very visual (otherwise they wouldn’t be photographers), so it’s important your wedding photographer shares the same vision as you and understands what you are after.
  6. Consistency
    Ask your prospective photographer to show you a full set of wedding photos to showcase the consistency in their work.
  7. Let’s Be Friends
    Make sure you like your photographer – you’ll be spending the whole day together.
  8. Let’s Get To Know Each Other
    A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity to informally build on the relationship with the photographer. This will result in you appearing more relaxed in your wedding photography.
  9. The Legal Stuff
    Ensure there is a contract in place, this is important so that both parties can be protected.
  10. And Finally…
    Only agree to the contract if you are 100% confident in the photographer you have chosen.
Follow this guide and you will find your perfect wedding Photographer. Please share these tips and help others who are looking for a wedding photographer.
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