I have a camera! I’m a “Photographer”!! 
Is this all it takes?

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In this day and age, the accessibility to buy high quality camera gear is the easiest its ever been. This has resulted in many people turning into “Photographers” to earn a quick paycheck. Is it really that easy?

For me, the camera is a tool, it’s the means to achieve something great and powerful. You have to control the camera, don’t let the camera control you (I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth). This means coming off Auto and switching it into Manual, understanding how the exposure triangle works, and how light and shadow are key ingredients to creating something amazing.

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One of the most powerful tools a photographer has is composition. Composition is something that needs to be understood by the one taking the photo, it needs to convey a story or feeling. The viewer doesn’t necessarily have to understand what is going on, as long as the feeling is conveyed. It doesn’t matter how expensive your camera is, composition is the responsibility of the author of the photo. You can take a photo on a phone and a photo on the most top of the range camera, if the composition is stronger on the phone, then that will be the better photo.

You may notice experienced photographers look at things differently, or bend over and look at things from a different angle, this is because throughout their careers, they have been developing their eye to see compositions which may not be apparent to most people. We could delve slightly deeper into this and say the work a photographer produces is a result of what they have been through and their past experiences, and that every single photographer sees the world in their own unique way.

It’s fair to say becoming a photographer is a lot easier today then it has ever been. It’s also fair to say there are more photographers today then there has ever been.

Just remember it goes beyond a camera, a camera is just a tool.

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