How Would You Describe Your Style?

I would best describe my style as reportage with a small mix of traditional. As a photographer I’m pretty relaxed and am easily adaptable to work in any situation. I keep an eye out for natural and candid moments that create the unique nature of every wedding, I don’t generally direct the wedding, but instead let it unfold and capture it as it happens, so that it’s more authentic.

Do We Need A Second Photographer?

In most cases I would recommend having a second photographer. The benefits of having a second photographer is that we can cover multiple angles, and if there are two different things happening at the same time we can cover both.

We are looking for Photo and Video, do you do Video as well?

Even though Photography and Videography share some of the same equipment, they are both completely different disciplines. For this reason, I have focused on my craft as a photographer to get it to the level that it is (and still growing). That being said, there are many talented dedicated Videographers that I work with, so please ask for my recommendations when you enquire.

Have You Worked At Our Venue Before?

I have worked at many venues, but not all of them. However one of the most powerful assets I have as a photographer are my eyes, and my internal vision. Even though it can be helpful to have worked at a venue before (and if not there’s Google), there’s also more opportunity for creativity and composition when you don’t have any pre conceived ideas about the types of photos you want to take, and you’re really using your eyes to compose the image.

How Do The Payments Work?

Generally I take a 50% Booking Fee to hold the date, and the final balance is due 1 month before the date of the first shoot. I am flexible with the payments, however, I can’t hold the date until the booking fee is paid and the contract is signed.

Do You Offer Pre Wed Shoots (Engagement Shoots)?

Yes, in fact I recommend them, it’s a great opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, as well as build up the relationship between me as the photographer, and you. This will help you relax on your actual wedding day.

Do you have insurance?

Yes absolutely, not only is my equipment insured, but I also have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance, so I am fully covered.

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