A Photographer In A Tattoo Studio

As a photographer, I have a tendency to visually document things around me. Especially when I’m travelling. This past December (2018), I shot a wedding in Bhuj, Gujarat, India. I will put up a separate blog post for that, but, after I shot the wedding, I spent some time relaxing in Mumbai. I love Mumbai, it feels like home away from home, only thing is, I need to learn Hindi. Everyone has been telling me the best way to learn Hindi is to watch Bollywood Movies…. I guess I’m going to start watching Bollywood Movies.

Coming back to this post, I documented my day(s) at the Aliens Tattoo Studio in Malad West, Mumbai. They have a massive team of artists, designers and creatives. I was impressed with the way this tattoo studio was run, and I was confident that I wanted to get my tattoo from there. As always I had my camera with me, so I started taking natural candid shots while they worked, as I would do for any business lifestyle shoot. I would like to give a special mention to Sameer Kureshi who refined the design I wanted, and Anikesh Suryavanshi, the artist who tattooed me. The quality of work was excellent, and I am actually in love with this tattoo (like I am after every tattoo I get). Enjoy the photos.