Hi, Im Jai Shah and I’m soooo looking forward to meeting you. That’s a bit presumptuous I hear you saying, well read on, and I’ll meet you soon. I have been photographing for the last 11 years, picking up so many skills throughout my journey and loving every moment of it. There’s been some ups and downs, but always something to learn.

One of my greatest strengths is I am adaptable, not just in photography, but in life as well. This allows me to be fairly laidback and easy going when it comes to taking photos. Now I hear you saying “that’s all well and good, but how will that help me when you’re taking my photos?” Well, being laidback and easygoing, means I’m very easy to work with, and being adaptable means I will get the shot, regardless of the situation that presents itself. Also, that same laidback and easygoing attitude also helps YOU feel a lot more comfortable and at ease which is the secret behind the amazing portraits and candid memories. You’re in a safe zone with me, so you can truly be you and express yourself in whichever way you desire.

Here’s some important advice, so listen carefully, make sure you find the photographer that’s right for you. There are loads of great photographers out there, who can do an amazing job and create and document some incredible memories for you. You need to find a photographer who you can get along with and just have some good vibes and energy with. The chemistry between the photographer and the bride and groom is something that contributes to the awesome memories and moments you can see in my galleries.

And finally if you need any additional help or advice, or you’re looking for suppliers please feel free to ask. I have a lot of experience as well as a lot of contacts.

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